About Us

In the quest of knowledge and with a mission to empower the students in becoming excellent human resources and to contribute meaning fully to the nation and the human society, THE GYAN BHAIRAV GLOBAL SCHOOL has acquired the status of one of the premier institutions of Bihar .



The library is enriched every year by the addition of new books. Reference books and Sample Papers are also provided for. Any book of interest and utility is made available on request by the teachers and the students.


Transport Facility

Students have no problem in reaching the school from any part of the Siwan. The drivers and conductors are very responsible and amiable men who take every necessary precaution and never compromise on the safety of the students they carry.


Sports & Activity

Children at GBGS are given every opportunity to play the game of their choice. Here we have the facility for various indoor and outdoor games.


Cultural Acitivity

Children can choose, learn and improve in the field of their desired art according to their skill and stamina. Regular periods are assigned for Art and Craft, Music and Dance and trained and experienced teachers are there for guidance.


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